Die creasing without a die – we can do it!

Petratto-Cordoba-Large1-770x475_cThe Cordoba range follows the rule of using a matrix system to crease substrates prior to folding.

Heavy boards or plastics, or laminations in addition to cross grain or digitally printed works can now be creased without a die-cutting machine.

The Cordoba incorporates a traditional folding section with a knife and matrix creasing unit. The folder has a modified roller configuration and fold plate angle, which eliminates crackings and curls when folding heavy stocks. Attachments can be added e.g.: perforating, punching, gluing, in addition plough folds can be added to produce presentation folders. The machine can crease from 80 to 600 gr. (4 – 30 points) and fold from 140 to 600 gr. (6 – 30 points). When folding light weight stocks a standard folding unit can be added.


Technical Features

  • Max. size: cm 52 x 120 (20½ x 47¼ in.)
  • Min. size: cm 15 x 20 (6 x 7 3/4 in.)
  • Creasing Stock range: 80 – 600 gr. (4 – 30 points)
  • Folding Stock range: 140 – 600 gr. (6 – 30 points)
  • Speed A4 1 creasing: 14.000 cp/h