Exceeding the Limits

One Friday morning we received a desperate plea from a good customer.  He had an order for 100,000 U-glue, perf and fold job sitting on the floor of one of our competitors who defaulted on their commitment to meet a critical delivery date for a product launch on Monday.

Despite knowing that the flat size exceeded our maximum capability by about 6 inches, the customer turned to RS Superior for help.  He said that we had always pulled off the impossible in the past and that he was looking to us for another miracle.

Sensing the immediate urgency, our management team quickly formulated a production plan and solution to be able to perf, U-glue and fold something that was 6 inches wider than our machine.

Our skillful operators began working on modifying the equipment and our staff worked diligently throughout the weekend to assure completion for Monday.  Once again we exceeded customer expectations by creatively expanding the technical limits of the machinery.

Our customer was the hero for his client and RS Superior was happy to have contributed to this success story.

At RS Superior our passion for what we do and our dedication to our customers is essential to living up to our name.