One Stop Shop

Recently we were approached by a customer to do a large volume job where they were planning to produce this at various facilities; each providing a different service.  First it would go out for die scoring, then come to us for folding and clip sealing and finally to a mailing house for ink jetting, mail prepping and delivery to Canada Post.

According to the customer, the die scoring was originally scheduled for 5 days, then we were given 7 days for the bindery and the mailing house required 7 days.

This would be a total of 19 days to bring product to market.   The trouble was that in reality, there were last minute customer changes and stock delays which delayed printing for 10 days.  The original due date was not flexible and for legal reasons, could not be compromised.

RS Superior once again was up for the challenge offering to handle the entire project.  This included the data-work and providing all finishing services under one roof thereby saving our customer time and money.  With our high quality in-line scoring capability, we were able to score, ink jet the NAB, clip seal and mail prep in one single, customized in-line process.

We were able to complete the project within the 7 days remaining in the original time line.  Not only did we cut the required time line to less than half, but also saved our customer unnecessary costs and trucking.

Partnering with our clients to provide cross-industry print finishing and lettershop options encourages Superior value which is something we do every day at RS Superior.